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What Is ROW?

What is ROW? 

The Basics of RIGHT OF WAY
Acquisitions of Private Property for Public Use

Dee A Young
is a Professional Right Of Way Negotiator.
For a listing of her training and qualifications, visit her Bio under MEET TEAM NEW DAY. 

This information is intended to assist the average consumer gain a better understanding of the concept and process of this type of real estate transaction.

The right to pass across the lands of another.  Land or property, or an interest in land or property for transportation or utility purposes. This can include roads, power lines or pipelines and these can be on the ground, underground or overhead.   

A person who requires rights of way for public and quasi-public use. This person can work for the government or a utility company, or be a consultant or subcontractor for same.

A Note from Dee:

What is Right Of Way?  Generally, anything involving the public use of private lands, whether it is on the ground, overhead or underground, for example;  roads, power lines or pipelines. There is a whole word of specialists that work in this arena - planning, evaluating, constructing and maintaining.

For me, it is a specialty within real estate. As a Broker, I do Acquisitions, meaning I acquire or purchase land and land rights. I'm often hired by an Agency, or by its Prime Contractor, to contact and negotiate with property owners who own land in a specific path of a proposed project. This typically begins quite a few lively discussions.

As a member of the IRWA, I have met many interesting people in this business.  The IRWA is the International Right of Way Association, an organization of people from all disciplines - surveyors, appraisers, engineers, lawyers, property managers, environmentalists, etc - who work for utilities, government agencies or private contractors, all involved in some aspect of the world of Right of Way. The IRWA heavily promotes continuous education and professionalism in the industry. As I've traveled around to attend a class or to teach a course, I've grown a real appreciation for the different and unique challenges faced by my peers and colleagues in every field. It's been an amazing adventure.

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